Thursday, September 3, 2009

….These are a few of my favorite things!

When Donovan gives me a hug out of the blue, or says “I love you, Mom.”

How adorable Timothy is post-bath, pre-clothes.

When my husband sleeps next to me; he travels a lot, but when he’s home, he’s a major snuggle-bug.

Breakfast! Anywhere (Panera, Roses, Seize the Bagel, Original Pancake House, Natalie’s house J)

Mile 3 of my runs- endorphins high, pushing through the first “wall,” feeling strong.

Crisp Fall mornings- colorful leaves, mist, fog etc…

Homemade food (bread, pies, soups, casseroles etc- the stuff my mom makes)

My loving family, the extended Bruce and Wilcox clans.

My job- it gives me the outlet to be bossy, the flexibility to take care of my family, and the financial benefit to be a blessing to my family.

Parties, gatherings, guests in my home. I do love to entertain…

Clean sheets on my bed, clean floors in my house, clean countertops in my kitchen/bathrooms.

My friends. I have never had tons, but the ones I do have are high-quality. They are loyal, wise, loving, and inspirational.

Starbucks- lattes with whipped cream, mochas (minus one pump of chocolate, nonfat), and my newest favorite (somehow they didn’t catch on w/me until last week) pumpkin spice lattes, tall, nonfat.

Christmas- the huge trees Jay picks out, how giddy my husband and Donovan (and soon Timothy) get, homemade Christmas cookies etc.

Nordstrom (I feel guilty for admitting it, but I cannot lie, so it has to be one here…)

Lastly, my husband Jay. He is irresistibly cute, he has the kindest heart, and is the first man I have known to treat me as well as my dad treats me, my mom, and my sisters.


  1. I recently found your blog and I love it, especially this last one. Yes, practical is good.