Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh yeah....

Wow… it’s been a long time. Time to get back on the blogging horse. In my never-a-dull-moment life, here are a few updates:

I am pregnant again, baby #3 should be making an appearance around Nov. 22.

Jay and I bought a bigger Jeep, got a great deal on a 2010 Commander, to accommodate or growing family.

We’re both working tons, Jay’s traveling at least 2 days per week; we are pretty exhausted, and remembering to be grateful for the opportunities to provide for our kiddos.

We want to build a pergola this summer. We have never done this before, so anyone with carpentry skills is welcome to join 

Timothy is a big fan of running and eating- just like his mommy!

Jay is part of a Kent, WA Guard unit (since December). He has been enjoying his unit, and dropping a few pounds for his physical coming up in a few weeks. He has a 2-week training stint coming up the last week of July and first week of August.

Donovan is in coach pitch baseball right now, and beginning September will start 2nd grade at King’s Way as well as soccer.

Well, those are the highlights  Talk to you all later, hopefully next time with pictures and cool stores….